For fifteen years, Highland has been dedicated to fostering a bike community that welcomes everyone, from first-time riders to world-class athletes. We are celebrating our Highland Family with a video series exploring what inspires so many of us to call Highland home.



When you think of the Highland Family, who do you think of? For Highland’s staff, the Highland Family means more than just the people they ride with. This month, we hear from Nick, Joe, Josh, and Cari about why they chose to build their lives here, and why they now call Highland “home.”


We wouldn’t have a Highland to call home without the dedicated team of builders who design, construct, and maintain the trails we all love to ride. In this month’s episode of Highland is Home, we hear from trail crew members James, Jordan, Whitney, Zach, and Justin about what brought them to this mountain, and why they continue to do what they do.


Highland Mountain was built with a vision of creating a park that would cater to riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines: a home for any style. This month Wayne, Anthony, Kyle, Dustin, and Kajay tell us about what they love to ride and how they’ve found a shared passion among the Highland family.


“We’re doing things we never thought were possible.” Once generally considered outliers in the sport, in recent years the women of Highland have set the stage for an explosion of female ridership and progression. In this month’s episode of Highland Is Home we talk to Chelsea, Brooke, Dawn, and Tania about the importance of community and what they’re excited to see from women on bikes next.


Over the last fifteen years, the Highland Family has grown in ways we could have never imagined. In this year’s final episode of Highland Is Home, we talk to four of the families who have found a second home at Highland, where they can share their passion for bikes and bring up a new generation of riders.