Demo/Rental Bikes Are On Sale!

Demo/rental bikes are for sale! To see the full list of what’s available, click the button below.

Bike Rentals and Demos

Our rental fleet includes Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jump, Enduro and Fat bikes for all ages, all ready to shred the park.

Trek | Transition | Santa Cruz | Kona | Specialized | Yeti | Rossignol

Bike Rental

Full Day


Downhill Rental 8″ Travel— Operator, Session$120$50
Premium Downhill Rental 8″ Travel— Santa Cruz V10$140$55
Enduro All Mountain Rental — Remedy 6″ Travel$120 $50
Enduro All Mountain Premium Rental — Nomad 7″ Travel, SB6 6″ Travel$140$55
Kids Bike (24″) — Ripcord, Stinky, Status Grom$70$35
Kids Bike (20″) — Lil’ Shredder, Commencal$70$35
Fat Bike — Kona WoZo $80 $50
Dirt Jumper — Specialized P3 $80$30


Fat Bike Rentals Now Available

Kona Wo – Daily and Multi day options. 

Full Day – $80
2 Hour – $50

2018 Kona Operator DL

Full Day – $120
2 Hour – $50

The 27.5” Operator is the evolution of a bike that can compete at the top level while still being the bike you’d choose to ride on your day off. It’s agile. It’s planted. It rips the corners. And it’s the exact same frame that Connor Fearon and Graham Agassiz ride at the top levels of downhill and freeride.

2019 Santa Cruz V10 Carbon

Full Day – $140
2 Hour – $55

No compromises, no gimmicks, no shortcuts. The most successful bike in downhill history shows no signs of slowing down. Available with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels (choose wheel size at checkout).

2019 Specialized Demo 8

Full Day – $120
2 Hour – $55

When sending it full gas down the run, you want confidence that your bike will perform as it should, and no material has earned its keep on the downhill circuit like our M5 aluminum. The reasons for this are stacking, but primarily, it can all be summed up by stiffness, light overall weight, and strength. That’s why you’ll find that our Demo 8 I Alloy was constructed from it in order to make your next shred-sesh that much more fun.

2019 Santa Cruz Nomad

Full Day – $140
2 Hour – $55

The Nomad’s reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope on how lawless a single-crown bike can get while still remaining a capable daily driver.

2019 Rocky Mountain Reaper 26″

Full Day – $120
2 Hour – $50

The Reaper can tear up singletrack, smash technical descents, and slay bike park laps all day long but in a smaller package for young rippers.  Don’t fear the Reaper.

Lil Shredder 20″

Full Day – $70
2 Hour – $35

The Lil Shredder Prodigy is a mini full suspension with a whole lotta heart.  Designed as an “all around” mountain bike, the Prodigy makes any trail an absolute blast to ride.

Rossignol All Track 24″

Full Day – $70
2 Hour – $35

The All Track Trail 24″ is a full suspension trail bike on 24 wheels. Its lightweight make it very agile and maneuverable on technical trails but also a great climber. This is the perfect bike for resort riding.

Radio Griffin DJ

Full Day – $80
2 Hour – $30

Ready for the dirt jumps right out of the box. Featuring a Manitou Circus Sport 100mm fork to absorb the bumps and Tektro and SRAM disc brakes to slow your roll.

Add-Ons (w/rental or demo)

Helmet, Knee/Shin, Elbow pads+ $12
510 Flat Pedal Bike Shoes+ $10
Bike Insurance+ $20


Protectives Rental Prices

Helmet Insurance+$3
Knee/Shin Protection$10
Elbow Protection$10


How can I rent a bike at Highland?

Ready to ride some downhill? New to this whole thing? Well, we’ve got an extensive Park Ready Rental Fleet waiting for you. Even if you’re not sure what you need, our experienced and knowledgeable Demo Center staff will set you up with the right bike for your needs! Email for more information.

We highly recommend you reserve a bike before making the trip. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to ride the bike they want, but we cannot guarantee bike availability without a reservation. You then have a few options for bike rentals:

Option 1:
“I do not currently own a downhill/all mountain bike and want to ride a high-quality bike for the day.”
Pay $120–$140 to rent a bike for the day. To view available bikes, click here

Option 2:
“I want to spend some time on a high-end bike, or am seriously considering purchasing a new bike and would like to be able to try a couple bikes.”

Pay $120–$140 to rent a bike for the day with the option to demo one additional bike during the day

Option 3:
“I’ve narrowed it down to one bike I want to buy, but I’d like to take a couple runs on it to decide first”

Pay $50–$55 to demo one Highland Demo Center bike for two hours

What do I get with a Find Your Ride?

Based on availability and sizes we will set you up with a Specialized Enduro Comp. Kids bikes will vary based on availability and size.

How long do I have to demo a bike?
You may demo a bike for 2 hours at $45 or for the entire day at $120 (reservations highly recommended).
Reserve a bike online >>

Please email the bike shop at with any questions.

Do I need a credit card?

You will need a valid credit card and driver’s license to rent any bike and are responsible for any damage incurred during your rental period.

Can I swap components on the bike?

Our skilled Demo Center staff will be happy to install your pedals and help you setup your seat height and suspension. No other modifications will be permitted! Once you buy your new bike though we’d be happy to help you customize it!.

Do I need a waiver or lift ticket?

Yes, you need a valid waiver on file no matter what. Please see our waiver policy, especially if you are under 18. Cross country trails are free to the public, but you will need to purchase a day pass to access the lift-access trails and jump park.

Can I purchase a demo center bike, or where can I purchase a new bike?

If you would like more info about the Highland Demo Center program or you are interested in purchasing one of the Highland Demo Center bikes contact us here: or 603-286-7677



Highland Demo Center Program

Any of our Rental Bikes can be taken for a two-hour demo. Below are details about the Demo program. Prices are listed above.

The Demo program is designed for the customer looking to make a purchase or try multiple bikes. The Highland Demo Center is your one-stop-shop to demo a bike you are thinking of purchasing from our partner shops. Thanks to partnerships with a number of top industry manufacturers and retailers Highland is proud to bring to you one of the most extensive feets in North America.


  1. Demo bikes are available to reserve for the full day or the FIRST two-hours the park is open
  2. After the two-hour demo is complete and you want to ride a second bike, you may do so based on availability.
    *You will be charged a full day rental with your second two-hour demo
  3. A maximum of TWO demo bikes per customer per day

Purchase a NEW 2018 bike and Ride FREE!

Demo a bike at Highland Mountain Bike Park and credit the cost of the demo to the overall purchase price at one of our Demo Center shops. Value from $45–$55.

Plus, if you purchase a *NEW* bike at one of our Demo Center partner shops, receive a Three Ride Card to Highland!

Purchase a rental bike directly from Highland and receive one of the following pass products: a  Three Ride Card, $100 off an
adult 2019 Season Pass (in-season price), or $50 off a junior 2019 season pass (in-season price).

** *Must purchase at a participating dealer for discount*
** Pass Products have no cash value and are non-transferable*
*** To redeem your FREE Highland Pass products you must purchase from a
dealer with same make and model of the new 2018 bike currently available in
the Highland Demo Center Program**** Participant must adhere to all
Highland waiver policies*

If you have questions or would like additional information on the Highland Demo Center program, please contact us at or (603)286–7677

2018 Highland Demo Center Partners

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