Session 1: June 30th–July 6th
Session 2: July 7th–13th
Session 3: July 14th–20th
Session 4: July 21st–27th(Ayr Academy JR.)
Session 5: July 28th–August 3rd

3 Day

Camp only (base price)…………..$510 (Monday–Wednesday)

Lodging add-on…..+$450* (Sunday evening–Wednesday)

Bike Rental add-on Kid’s bike (under 5ft)……+$145 (includes helmet & protective gear)

Bike Rental add-on Adult bike (over 5ft)……+$270 (includes helmet & protective gear)

5 Day

Camp only (base price)………….$710 (Monday–Friday)

Lodging add-on…..+$550* (Sunday evening–Saturday morning)

Bike Rental add-on Kid’s bike (under 5ft)……+$240 (includes helmet & protective gear)

Bike Rental add-on Adult bike (over 5ft)……+$450 (includes helmet & protective gear)

* Overnight campers are dropped off the Sunday late afternoon prior to camp and picked up either Wednesday evening (3 Day) or Saturday morning (5 Day). A more detailed schedule will be provided in the camp welcome letter.

Prices are per session

Multi-session discount — 10% off Camp Only price (base price only). 

Full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads are required. Full suspension bikes are recommended but hardtails are acceptable. 

NEW Highland Camps Scholarship Program
This is the first year of the Highland Camps Scholarship program and the goal is to start being able to assist a small selection of mountain bikers in financial need with the opportunity of a lifetime. >>LEARN MORE HERE