Claymore Challenge

Winter Blues pt. 1

While digging through old files on my computer I found a bunch of clips to help ease the winter blues.  Here is the first one with Chris Van Dine filming for AT&T TV show last fall. Winter Blues pt. 1 from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Claymore Challenge part of FMB World Tour

Freeride Mountain Biking takes it to the next level and announces the launch of a new organization: The Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour Munich, Germany, March 18th, 2010 – Freeride Mountain biking, which includes Big Mountain, Slopestyle and Dirt Jump contests, has become an essential part of the sport during the last decade. The number of riders participating in these sports is rapidly increasing every year. But unlike other comparable action sports, freeride mountain biking has never had its own world series like snowboarding (TTR World Snowboard Tour) or surfing (ASP World Tour). During the last six months, an alliance of core scene members consisting of professional athletes, event organizers and opinion leaders have been putting their heads together to make a change and initiated the establishment of the Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour – starting in 2010. The goal of the tour is to bring a professional…