Park Report

Park Report – 3/26/10

Here’s my first official park report and I think a good place to start is by saying thank you to everybody who has been so kind to us over the years. Since our grand opening in 2006 we have recorded a steady state of growth in rider numbers. I remember that nerve racking first day open to the public. We advertised we would open with 3 top to bottom trails but some drunken dude the night before poached the mountain on his 4 wheeler and decided to drive down Maiden Voyage. He ended up jamming it in the rock garden area and it took us a few hours to get it out. It had rained the night before and we had a delayed opening on NE Style. I was standing down by the lift and I overheard some guy complaining that we only had 1 trail open even though we told everybody…

Hellion Trail Expansion

Over the course of the 2010 season Hellion will be expanded, becoming our second top to bottom jumps trail. Last year’s lower mountain addition and further construction scheduled for completion this spring make Hellion nearly top to bottom sustained step ups, downs, berms, and other assorted launches. This is shaping up to be one notorious trail. Go to Hellion!