Ayr Academy Bunk House is Going Up Quick

The bunk house is shooting up and should be done real soon! Will and Bill are working on the structure, Tom and Micah are finishing up the septic and Dennis is getting ready to put the electrical in! It shouldn’t be long before the house is up and running. Here are a few pics of the process. Also the last pic listed in the gallery is a picture of the freshly painted floor of the camp lounge inside the HTC. As soon as the paint fully dries we have furniture, tv’s and other goodies to set up in there! The Ayr Academy is going to be killer! Week one only has a few spots left before it’s full so sign up soon! See ya here!

The Freehub “44 days and rolling” crew stops by

We got to be a part of week five for Freehub’s “44 days and rolling.” Dave Smutok and Aaron Chase gave the boys the full tour of the mountain. Here are some photos and a video of the action at the park. Photo Credit: Ryan Kirk Photography “Highland isn’t the biggest hill out there, but it offers 10 high quality trails with connectors allowing you to dial your run and progress at a level you feel comfortable with. Progression seems to be a big theme for the crew at Highland. You can see it in everything; from the way the trails are designed to the addition of the HTC which houses a foam pit, resi-ramp and lips that mimic those found on the slopestyle course.” -Freehub Magazine GoPro Week #5 Recap on Credits:   Freehub Magazine,   Pinkbike,   Ryan Kirk Photography

The Trail Crew Shreds Too!

Here are a few shots of some of the work that Tom and the trail crew have been doing to cat scratch. You know these guys are doing what they love when they finish building trail and head right to the HTC to ride! Here is a little video of  Tom learning 360’s to the resi-ramp in the HTC! Trail crew by day, Shredder by night!

Battle Of Hellion

From the twisted folks that brought you The Claymore Challenge comes the Battle of Hellion. Sunday, June 26th, riders will compete for the fastest times down Highland’s premier jumps trail. The innovative new race will host both an amateur and pro’ class. Best of all, pro competitors will be competing in a six man battle for the number one spot. This race is going to blow minds!